Google Adwords


You can be! Google Adwords provides any business with the opportunity to be positioned at the top of Google results for specific keyword searches.

These listings appear as ‘sponsored links’ and appear at the top of the page or right hand column of Google results pages. Best of all, you do not pay for your advertisements unless someone clicks on your ad’ to direct them through to a page on your website.

Pay Per Click (PPC)  advertising is highly targeted advertising. Unlike most other forms of traditional advertising PPC advertising allows you to market to consumers who are
specifically looking for your product or service.

How much you pay for each click depends on a number of factors including how much
competition there is for your chosen search term and how relevant it is to your specific business.

Although it may appear simple, setting up an Adwords campaign incorrectly can cost you in increased click costs and poor performance of your campaigns.

To assist you with obtaining the best results from your Google Adwords campaign our Adwords qualified individuals can set up your campaigns and provide ongoing management services to ensure you obtain maximum value for your spend.

Our Google Adwords Campaign Management includes:

•    Detailed keyword research
•    Recommendations for monthly click spend based on your industry
•    Implementation of Google Analytics software for comprehensive website traffic
•    Fully managed campaigns including multiple Ad Groups & Advertisements / reviews
of ineffective keywords/ monthly spend & competitor analysis
•    The best possible click value – we frequently reduce our client’s click cost by over
20% through strategic management of campaigns
•    Monthly reporting

Note: Adwords campaign management is based on a minimum 6mth management contract, however we can also assist customers with setting up campaigns for a once off set up fee.

To discuss your business requirements contact us via our enquiry form on this website.